We are committed to providing exciting learning experiences that are aimed at meeting each student at his or her academic, social and emotional point of need.  Ours is a school that focuses on developing the whole child and seeks to provide a range of opportunities, both in and outside the classroom, for each student to unlock his or her potential.

To be a Woodmans Hill student is to be respectful, determined and to strive for personal excellence in all that they do. As a school we aim to learn together and to celebrate each success and we firmly believe that, with our support, students can grow into adults that can make a real difference in our wider community.

As a school, we have prioritised the following fundamental elements of highly effective schools to support our students on their journey from Year 7 to Year 12;

  • A safe, orderly and supportive learning environment
  • Learning that is student centred
  • Highly effective teachers who learn from and with each other and are research driven
  • Academic focus based on high expectations and the belief that every child can grow
  • A guaranteed and viable curriculum across all year levels in line with DET Victorian Curriculum
  • A school that students feel connected to and feel that their voice is heard


Our intention is for families to feel confident that, in choosing Woodmans Hill Secondary College, they are making the right choice for their child’s future.

We are incredibly proud of our students, their achievements and the pride they feel when they put on the Woodmans Hill school uniform.

We look forward to working with our community to ensure that every child takes every opportunity to make a positive difference in their own life and the lives of our community.


Graham Broadbent