Physical Education (Year 7-12)

The Physical Education course aims to provide students with lifelong approaches to the creative and healthy use of leisure time. We promote attitudes and behaviours appropriate for active participation in sports and leisure pursuits. Students improve their decision-making and problem-solving skills within physical activity and sport-related areas. They are encouraged to accept responsibility for their own decisions and actions, to develop self-respect, self-discipline and tolerance towards others. Manipulation and movement skills are promoted in order to enable basic competence in a range of physical activities.

Our Year 7 & 8 students participate in an extensive swimming and water safety program at the Brown Hill Swimming Pool.

Core Health and Physical Education classes are run during years 7-10. However, in Year 9/10 students can choose to specialise in our extensive range of electives.

These include:

  • Outdoor Education
  • Health & Human Development
  • Fitness Fundamentals
  • Advanced Physical Education

Excellent Facilities

We have excellent facilities with access to a double-court indoor stadium, hockey field, several outdoor courts, a weights room (Year 10-12 access), ovals and squash courts.


Health Education (Year 7-9)

The Health program is designed to introduce students to a range of health issues that face young people today and to promote healthy lifestyles now and into the future. Students discuss the physical, emotional and social changes that take place as we develop, together with ways of coping with these changes and how to improve their overall level of health and wellbeing. Opportunities are provided for students to develop characteristics that help build resilience. Through discussion and class activities, students are made aware of the potential effects of risk-taking on individuals and the community, with an emphasis on strategies aimed at dealing with various issues faced by young people.