The Science Academy at Woodmans Hill is a select entry program for high achieving students with a passion for and excellent ability in science.

This program will give students’ access to unique learning experiences both within the school and through community and specialist links.

The Woodmans Hill Science Academy will support students through Years 7 to 9, after which they will accelerate their learning into a VCE Science subject at year 10.

Science Classes

Specialist science classes will build and extend students in the critical scientific areas of understanding and investigation. Students will spend time immersed within each of the scientific disciplines (biology, chemistry, physics and earth sciences) and undertake higher-level experiments. They will design and undertake detailed and well researched scientific investigations.

Program Objectives

  • To extend students’ scientific knowledge and understanding in a range of scientific disciplines.
  • Provide a range of scientific learning opportunities both within and outside the classroom.
  • Provide the opportunity to develop practical scientific investigation skills from experimental design to scientific report writing.
  • Provide the opportunity to link with community organisations and educational providers to access unique experiences in the scientific disciplines.
  • Provide the opportunity to be an ambassador for science within the school community.

Selection Process

Students must apply to be part of this program.

Applications for next year will open later this year.