Our students are considered to be the most important group of individuals within our school community. It is for this reason that we listen and seek feedback form them, about the development and future directions of Woodmans Hill.

There are a broad range of leadership options available for students to contribute and lead our school community both within the school and in the greater community.

Our new and improved Student Leadership Group (SLG) was established in 2016 to give our students a voice within our school community.

The Student Leadership Group is an elected group of students who have been identified by their classmates as being someone who:

  • Represents our school values of Respect, Determination and Excellence
  • Are positive and effective representatives for their class
  • Listen to and support the members of their class
  • Are positive members of our broader school community and are always willing to make our community better
  • Discuss school improvement with their class and share these views in whole campus meetings

We also have a wider range of leadership options for students who wanted to lead and specialise in a specific area of school life.

We also have a broad range of leadership positions, which cover all areas of student life.

  • School Captain
  • Year 7 Captain
  • Music Leader
  • Environment Captain
  • House Captains
  • House Sports Captains