The Victorian Curriculum highlights the importance of learning languages. Woodmans Hill offers French from Years 7-12. All students will study French in Years 7 and 8.

Students will be focusing on developing vocabulary knowledge and sentence structure in order to be able to use the language in a variety of contexts and formats, such as reading, writing, speaking and listening.

They develop communication skills through a series of classroom activities using the language.

The areas of study are based on current topics, short reading texts, poems, scenarios, films, comprehension exercises, songs and a variety of research assignments to enhance intercultural knowledge and cross-curriculum awareness.


  • Work book exercises
  • Homework tasks to extend vocabulary acquisition
  • Short descriptive writing pieces based on the topics studied
  • Dialogues and gap fill exercises
  • Word/phrase matching activities
  • Basic grammatical structures
  • Writing for different audiences


  • Identifying familiar vocabulary
  • Practising sound combinations
  • Communicating content
  • Reading to inform
  • Reading for understanding
  • Developing fluency and confidence
  • Exposure to a variety of printed texts

Listening and Speaking

  • Listening for understanding
  • Aural competencies
  • Identifying sound combinations
  • Role- play activities
  • Language to describe places, people and events
  • Formal oral presentations using IT
  • Using language for everyday conversation

Intercultural Knowledge

  • Study of French culture both in France and in Australia
  • Migration and its impact on societies
  • Cultural enrichment activities such as poetry competitions, excursions
  • Community events such as French/international days.