The Instrumental Music Program

The Instrumental Music Program offers all students the opportunity to learn an instrument and participate in our extensive music program.

Students receive an instrumental lesson with a specialist teacher for 50 minutes each week, usually in a small group.

Some of the many benefits of learning an instrument include:

  • offers a unique form of self-expression and creativity
  • develops self-esteem and concentration
  • improves hand-eye coordination and reading skills
  • has been proved to increase academic ability
  • develops social and leadership skills
  • gives students the opportunity to mix across all year levels and with like-minded students from other schools.

All students have the opportunity to learn music, as there are several school instruments available for hire or even loan. Music staff will be happy to help with the purchase or hiring instruments.

Instrumental Music Fees

Fees for the music program are necessary as the small amount of funding the program receives from the school would not provide all the resources we need.

However, no student is prevented from taking part in the music program because of financial difficulty. There are full bursaries available for students who show interest, so contact the general office to discuss this further.
Fees may be paid in instalments by arrangement with the front office.

Buying & Hiring Instruments

Students are required to provide their own instruments for their lessons.

Instruments are available for purchase or hire from a reputable music store.

Second hand and new instruments can also be found at local music shops, but PLEASE check with your instrumental teacher or the music coordinator BEFORE buying an instrument. There are many instruments available that will hinder the student rather than help them and will be a waste of money.

There are a limited number of instruments available for hire from the school.