The Woodmans Hill Secondary College Council consists of elected parent representatives, elected Department of Education and Training (DET) employees, the Principal and co-opted community members.

The duties of the School Council are to:

  1. determine the general educational policy of the school within the Guidelines issued by the Minister
  2. exercise a general oversight of the buildings and grounds and ensure that they are kept in good order and condition
  3. make recommendations considered necessary for the improvement of buildings and grounds
  4. ensure that all moneys coming into the hands of the Council are expended for proper purposes
  5. carry out any other prescribed duties
  6. promote a positive image of the school.

Elections for school council are held annually in March.

The College invites parents and members of the community who have an interest in providing the best possible education for our children to put their hand up for a school council role. For more information and to learn about the procedure for becoming a school council candidate, please contact the College Principal – Mr Graham Broadbent

The School Council meets on the third Wednesday of each month during the school term.